rugsėjo 26, 2010

Paskutinis rugsėjo sekmadienis - prisiminimai

Golden Celebration

Tibiroos, La France,Souvenir de St. Anne's" ,"Saint Cecilia",

Nežinoma galika grupės rožė ir Superb Tuscany
Alba 'Celeste'

3 komentarai:

The Redneck Rosarian rašė...

Beautiful! I grow Golden Celebration. Beautiful blooms, awesome fragance.

Isabelle rašė...

I love your bouquets and your photos, Nijola ! What kind of camera do you use ?

Nijola rašė...

Isabelle Sorry, I left the territory, I could not answer your question.
I take pictures with the Canon EOS 5D and now I have I have the 50mm F1.8 lenses
17-35 mm f 2.8L and 28-70mm F2.8L